Amador Greg Gilman


Amador “Skinny” Greg Gilman

– Audio Engineer

– There is an organic connection between Jamaicans and audio systems.  There has to be booming bass!  But not so much that it becomes distorted.  The mids and highs have to be crisp and clean, not harsh and blaring.  It is a perpetual chase for the perfect sound that drives every one of Mr. Gilman’s installs or production events.

In the early 90s, the Kingston native became involved with technology.  As a young teenager in the mid 90s, he was a part owner of a successful business building, selling, repairing and installing computer systems, networks and a/v equipment and accessories.  Foregoing traditional classes Greg obtained his A+ Computer Technician License and Certification by his late teens through self discipline and study.  Upon returning to Kingston from his exams in Florida, he gained was fortunate to work at one of the only Apple and HP retail and repair partners in the Caribbean.  Gaining even more intricate training repairing Apple devices, HP and Canon printers and CRT monitors and how to rewrite and clean circuit boards.

In 2002, Greg returned to the US and gained another detail oriented skill repairing cell phones and doing custom modifications.  A talent which had him travel from Florida to Pennsylvania.  However one passion that had never remained dormant, was his love of music.  Not just as a consumer, Gilman has always worn multiple hats throughout the years of his experience as a tech expert; singer-songwriter, performing artist, audio engineer, DJ/producer and even Dance Instructor.  He’s taught himself how to build effective and efficient home recording studios and dance studios.  The importance of the equipment used in live performances for ease of use to the engineer, how to maximize the setup and breakdown time for the crew and most importantly, create a pleasant and exciting energy for the crowd.  “Drawing from my experience,” says Gilman “allows me to appreciate and understand the same situation but from different views.  Producers want every instrument to be heard, singers want their lyrics to be clear and understood.  Engineers want an easy to use system that responds how they expect it too, and crews want quick and simple setups.  Dance instructors and the audience both want clean sounding audio, with high energy.  It’s the proper use of technology that brings it all together.”

His positive demeanor and sense of responsibility for doing what is right, not what makes the most money is what separates Mr. Gilman from everyone else.  He’s had successful events from celebrity weddings, to festivals.  Installs as small as record stores too as large as hotels.  He states, “the size of a job, absolutely does not relinquish me from the responsibility to do the best I can for my clients!”

As an avid student of all his crafts, Greg continues to research and learn new creative ways to save his clients financially on future and existing installs, or introduce new and exciting technologies that can reduce a/v woes that are antiquated, expensive to maintain or operate and a general headache, all while not sacrificing his signature “amazing sound quality,” expected of him.  Never content on just settling for what is, Greg is also an active consultant to many of his manufacturers on how to make their existing and future products even more efficient, and easier to install.  This attention to detail and relentless work ethic is why he can be trusted on any job.