Tara Beck

tara beck

Tara Beck

– Architect & Design

– Tara has participated on numerous regional and international projects and pursuits which range from corporate interiors to retail and hospitality. Tara’s responsibilities encompass the full spectrum of the design process, from schematic to construction documents and administration.  Practicing both architecture and interior design on these projects, Tara is able to seamlessly blend the two disciplines.   

She takes a human centered approach to design and believes each component should be intimately connected through scale and proportion.  For Tara, design is a precise practice.  The beauty lies in the perfection of its details, the excellence of its materials and must be anchored in a strong, artistic yet functional concept. Fueled by an educational background rooted in a belief that is both technical and poetic she strives to artfully weave the underlying concept into every small detail of a project.   

Home-schooled much of her life to sailing parents, Tara has had the opportunity to travel and immerse herself in numerous cultures, customs, and building styles.  Making her home in the international and multicultural city of Miami, Tara graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture.  She has practiced design for 10 years and has had the pleasure of working with clients from Florida East Coast Industries, Fortress Transportation, Cisneros Group, Poliform and American Express.